Kasper Kovitz
Where is Everybody?

Joseph Noonan-Ganley and Frank Wasser
Sad Mirror
John Chilver

Arianne Churchman
Folkloric Wormhole

Daniel Sean Kelly
The Mirror Interrupts
Claire Potter
House of Hysteria presents
Dec0rative D0rmit0ries f0r Sleep W0rkers
Uma Breakdown & Alfie Strong
Green Fuzz 
Jake Laffoley
Toilet Time Compression - Art of the CEO
Bad Infinity 2.0
Chris Alton
Under the Shade I Flourish
Dan Mitchell
Uppers and Downers – You are Already Dead
The Gold Ones
Diana Policarpo
Visions of Excess
Mike Harvey
So Swamped So
Simon Willems
Universal Solutions Incorporated

Frank Wasser
Scene 93 OMITTED

Everything has led to this moment:
New works on paper by Amanda Beech
Billy Howard Price
Robert Holcombe: Folklore, Ritual and the Modern Interior (1955 – 1975)


Dominique Pétrin

Tai Shani
Silver Fiat Vox

Mark Pawson

Andrew Cooper, Enda Deburka, Dean Kenning, John Russell

Kitty Clark | Stefan Sadler
Horror House
Eitan Ben-Moshe
Twilight Falcons
Katia Barrett
Three Series: The Geology of Piss, Multiple Lives of Pearl Roundabout and Knots


Kirsten Glass
A Spritz of Absinthe

Annabel Frearson
Bad Brain Call

Sophie Carapetian
Art Labour Compendium

The Cult of Quatermass

Jeffrey Vallance

Patrick Moran and Liam Wright-Higgins
Ouroboroscopic Ways

David Steans
The Bin Bag

Mikko Canini
Jet Black White Noise

Plastique Fantastique TV Ychen Bannog
Art Exhibition of King Conny Wobble
Seth Siegelaub: Exhibitions, 2069
Collection of paintings from the Museum of American Art - Berlin