Tai Shani
Silver Fiat Vox

Exhibition open:
5.10.13 – 27.10.13

Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:
Thursday October 3rd, 19:00 – 21:00

Extra opening date for Art Licks Weekend:
Friday October 4th 12:00 - 18:00

Silver Fiat Vox is a narrative text led installation of a short journey in a car, a devastating, traumatic love story in two parts.

The first cut is the deepest.

Annie tell me a five word apocalypse? I don't love you anymore, he said.

The doric columns are built hollow and each one held by a giant hand, the hand of a god-like creature placing it down firmly and fatefully. If an incision were made into the trembling torso of the colossal column it would be like a window into the soul of the columns’ Doricness, the soul of the object. Inside the columns are lined with baroque, heavy velvet and bathed in light. Inside the hollow of the exquisitely proportioned column lies the soul of the object for the audience to see: her once beautiful now decomposing face.

The script evolves from a material “love story” to a meditation on meaning, intensity, power, language and trauma, exposing the linguistic film which lies on top and orders a non-hierarchical chaos of the public and private realms of Silver Fiat Vox.

Tai Shani’s work deploys diverse fictional strategies, operating in multiple temporal structures both in the real and in the mediated. Her performances, films and installations revolve around scripts and texts which alternate between familiar narrative styles and structures. These produce theoretical prose that researches the construction of subjectivity through identification and the agency of the simulated self, the dissolution of self, trauma and conflicts between the fictional and the fantasmatic order versus traditional conceptions of reality.


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