David Steans -
The Bin Bag

11.6.11 – 3.7.11

Imagine a plastic bin-bag full of blood and meat and feathers hung from a tree. The Bin-bag contains some disembodied organs, too. An old heart, purple and green, a liver coloured likewise, and a brain, bruised and oscitant. Somehow - either through accident or malefic design - the bag lives. Its blood and meat and heart and liver and brain form rudimentary circuits inside its plastic skin and it seethes with a useless blind intelligence...

xero, kline & coma present The Bin-bag, a solo exhibition by artist David Steans. The Bin-bag is, to use the artist's own phrase, a "horror-story", comprised of text, video, sound and sculpture. According to Steans, The Bin-bag is "an experiment in... creating a new idiom for the horror-story, one fit for the twenty-first century and all its attendant anxieties... an experiment towards... the horror-story we all deserve".

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