David Burrows & Simon O'Sullivan & others.

9.4.11 – 1.5.11

We do not know a lot about the exhibition. What we do know has been gleaned from a single telephone conversation. We know that the exhibition will present hand-made and printed posters and TV monitors showing films that combine images from performances and comics with other material. And we know that there will be audio and musical content too. David and Simon suggested PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE TV was merely 'propaganda material', though it is unclear what the content of that material will be; all they would say is that they think it is 'not-human-propaganda'. At the time of speaking, David and Simon claimed to be affected by their roles as avatars for forces or ideas, and that they only had vague recollections of producing content for PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE TV.

One aspect of the exhibition that was hard to fathom, but that David and Simon were overly keen to communicate, is that PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE TV is already circulating in mass culture, only at a scale and speed too fast or slow, or too small or large for most to register consciously. They claimed, only those who felt that the world and its things spoke to them directly would have already tuned in to PLASTIQUE FANTASTIQUE TV. The telephone conversation ended with David and Simon asking whether they could have 24 hour access to the exhibition space one day before the agreed installation date, so as to create the correct conditions for installation. We have agreed to this. After the telephone conversation we received this text message: THR S NT & NVR HS BN NYTHNG T NDRSTND!

xero, kline & coma

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