House of Hysteria presents -
Dec0rative D0rmit0ries f0r Sleep W0rkers

Exhibition open:

29.4.17 – 21.5.17
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:

Thursday April 27th, 19:00 – 21:00

House 0f Hysteria with Ami Clarke, Kirsten Cooke, Annabel Frearson, Dale Holmes, 0rphan Drift, Michael Iveson, Tina Jenkins, Sharon Kivland, Mark Nader and Nicola Woodham


27.04.17 Opening Event | 19:00 – 21:00:

Ami Clarke will be reading from her on-going script: Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams - take 7.3582701: code for the numbers to come with Low Animal Spirits (2017) an HFT algo dealing in world news by Ami Clarke and Richard Cochrane.

20.05.17 Closing Event | 19:00 – 21:00:

Sharon Kivland turns over the record of her work titled, To Dream by the Book, read by a hundred readers (2017), a work that lasts for forty minutes.

Nicola Woodham performs Garg (2017) a shapeshifting vocal ritual.

Disillusioned they congregated at the gates of those in power to chant an anthem for our times:

Sleep workers cannot sleep
Sleep workers cannot stop
Sleep workers wonder tirelessly
Sleep workers suffer from arousal disorders

Nothing happened... they disbanded and walked away. Wired they chose to rewire, fed up with looking to the past for an allusive origin, they took up threads from that dangerous and adjacent time, the future...

Hysterias are constantly woven out of many threads: they are revised, pulled apart and re-stitched. Their DNA is constructed out of zeros and ones, a spatial code that produced through the punch cards of Plant’s looms. Although apparently lacking, the 0fs (or the holes in the card) are the overarching portals that co-construct Hysterias’ tapestry. 0fs are the invisible element: they occupy a grey position that cannot be pointed out, as they are a process as opposed to a place. As micro-machines these 0fs act as an infrastructure, which determine the pathways on which the rest of the code travels.

Hysterias start to travel through the 0fs and are denatured, as a result they propagate and replicate streams of code that erect a series of vertical screens from their horizontal subspace. A verticality that is born out of the superhighway of multiplicity, or +0 space-time. Constructed along the rigorous lines of super-adjacency these surfaces operate within a Hyper-Gothic tradition: superimposed screens that ricochet off each other. These Gothic Houses magnify the prismatic qualities of the Hysterias’ space time and shoot out matter at diagonals across the space. These vertical shards of matter are travelling faster than the speed of light and bounce around the space, intersecting with any object or subject that they encounter. These super-Venturi’s, are both code and structure, they are micro-engineers manufacturing webs out of a Totality+0. Continuous with this coding and imperceptible from it, they weave an alternate space-time.