Dominique Pétrin

Exhibition open:
9.11.13 – 1.12.13
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:
Thursday November 7th 19:00 – 21:00


Dominique Pétrin is interested in cross-pollinating the qualities of uninhabited spaces with the forbidden aspects of areas that are trapped under glass. Think of a pharaoh’s tomb that is revamped for the purposes of wildlife tourism. The space is organized in a controlled manner; the audience can only view the installation from a particular angle. The décor has a secret component: unlike an inhabited space, the sensationalism of a premeditated mechanism is concealed. The narrative strategies of a horror film provide structural support for the installation, as dramatic elements are inserted to emphasize the foreshadowing aspect of objects in an environment conveying imminent tragedy. The meticulousness of the space gives it an intimidating and aggressive quality, and its goal is to destabilize the “guest”.


Aesthetically, this fresco, which conveys excess and outrageousness, selects unlikely colour combinations, such as neons paired with colour-infused greys and complimentary shades that impose a cold yet saturated mood, bordering on the distasteful. Radical speckled textures are superimposed to inundate the eye with density and saturation, reflecting enhanced human cognitive processes such as skewed perception or altered states of consciousness.
Silk-screening makes use of bold lines and colours in order to create worlds that are vibrant and hypnotic. The intention is to create spaces that people are physically drawn to.

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