The Cult of Quatermass

Exhibition open:

21.1.12 – 12.2.12
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:

Thursday January 19th 19:00 – 21:00, performance at 21:00

‘Pump the right frequencies into the streets and the youth will act like vultures, pure lizard brain greed. 50 cycles per second, two scans per cycle, prime the pumps.
– Journal entry six months ago

Quatermass failed to register his research with the authorities. The machine is just beyond current knowledge, equations flash into his mind, without him having to understand them. His thoughts are forbidden, but he has them nonetheless. The Ministry demands his presence.

‘Silence. Even a vacuum may contain vibrations. Space itself is the dark matter we seek. All of time is compressed into a single vibrating filament, a new form religion emerging from alphawaves.’
Journal entry three months ago

Outside, the air is punctured by sirens as the 'Receivers' amass in public spaces to celebrate the eternal drone. The British Sonic Research Unit is investigating - they suspect the drone is assimilable to thought. Quatermass has disappeared. No one knows what has become of him.

‘True violence is not cinematic, nor spectacular. The true function of government is to make you believe you enjoy their disruptive signals: Maximum force at minimum expense. Questions containing “why” are increasingly less permissible. In the north, it is snowing.’
– Journal entry last month

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